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    Change cell colour onClick?

    Hi there, i know this shouldn't really be that hard but i can't get it.

    I have about 6 text links, each in it's own table cell on the side of my page. When clicked these show or hide some layers i have on the right which pop up information about that topic.

    I want to have the colour behind the link to change when that link is clicked to indicate that it is active. When another link is clicked, the hilighted link needs to go back to a white background and the new link needs to have a coloured background.

    I hope that all makes sense, any help greatly appreciated.

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    something like this
    var navIDs = new Array('nav1','nav2','nav3','nav4');
    var hiliteColor = '#CCC';
    var defColor = '#FFF';
    function updateNav(cell) {
    	for (var i in navIDs)
    		cell.style.background-color = (navIDs[i] != cell.id) ? defColor : hiliteColor ;			
    	<td id="nav1" onClick="updateNav(this)">Nav Item 1</td>
    	<td id="nav2" onClick="updateNav(this)">Nav Item 2</td>
    	<td id="nav3" onClick="updateNav(this)">Nav Item 3</td>
    	<td id="nav4" onClick="updateNav(this)">Nav Item 4</td>


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