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    I feel like I'm behind..

    I've been web developing for years, but I feel as if I'm behind the loop. I'm just now truly learning CSS. I've used it for quite some time to format my text and tables, but never to actually code my pages. I'm currently learning all I need to know to convert from a table design to a CSS (tableless) layout. Has anyone ever had to convert a HUGE site from table to CSS? If so, how long has such a project taken you?
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    I think that's something that comes with experience, and personal preference. By "that" I mean speed, or the techniques involved with creating a large website. I did a semantic, CSS based version of this site one Sunday for a job interview, not including slicing new images (in case you're wondering, I didn't get the job-- they wanted a Dreamweaver guy. Sheesh. ).

    The trick for me is once the design is done, to cast it aside and code initially strictly for content, as semantically as I can. Then I go back and add CSS to style the page to look like my design. Eventually I start adding some non-structural markup (extra divs, etc) to piece the design together. But everyone has their own preference.

    If you're already familiar with some CSS take a look at this link; it's a great presentation of making a site using CSS methods by forum member mindlessLemming (Andrew K.). Hopefully it gives you some insight...

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    i tend to work fast, i code first then use styling where needed, hmm a dreamweaver guy, lol what would it matter, i do use dreamweaver avidly but if u use it wrong it can get you into trouble, i actually had to redo a few sites because they weren't up to code from the orgininal designer, it was css based already but it could have been done with less css, the trick is when u slice the images, is not to so much use a div to replace every row and column in the tables its to use css to make it appear the same, i love using floats, and the margin:auto thing i think its awesome, give me a page coded in completely tables and it will take me about 15-30 min to turn it in to valid xhtml and css using only divs, none of my designs use tables at all, i will use the occasional iframe but php has made it simple enough to just use includes so there is no need for the iframe since load time will be about the same, one site i threw together in about 30 min or so, is here its not complete yet just waiting for the client to get a host and give me the final details, dang rmedek i bet you prolly would have gotten your code to at least validate, and about the dreamweaver thing the script that dreamweaver puts in for rollover menus is so complex it takes like a decoder to decipher it this doesn't validate
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