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    Question about Background Image

    I have just started learning HTML/CSS and am having problems changing some code i downloaded from codepen and would appreciate any feedback

    background: url(https://image.ibb.co/26sjhs6/showcase.jpg); this is the original code and it works I want to use an image saved in the root folder i have tried the code below and cant get it to work,

    background-image: url(images/1.jpg);

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    Root folder of what? The hard drive itself (not web facing usually), the directory the HTML is in? The directory the CSS is in?

    One thing beginners mess up a lot on -- we've all done this at one point -- is that links from your CSS are relative to the file the CSS is in. So if the image is in the same directory as the CSS, it would just be url(1.jpg); If it was in an images directory beneath where the CSS is, then you have it right. If it's in a /images directory parallel to the CSS -- say the CSS was in /style -- then it would be url(../images/1.jpg). NOTE, if you have to resort to ../, your directory structure is trash.

    When possible, page-links should go down-tree. To that end I suggest a directory structure like:

    / -- where your user callable HTML lives

    /images -- CONTENT images only, aka stuff used in <img> tags.

    /template -- CSS and any shared files for the template

    /template/images -- PRESENTATIONAL images called by the CSS. Aka "not content"

    Assuming the HTML was in the root of this tree

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="template/screen.css" media="screen">

    From that screen.css the image link would be:


    If the file was in /template/images.

    That help any?
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