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    Help with css on list

    Hello, first of all im not the big html/css expert so bear over with me.

    I have a website which use data from a DB which then puts it in a list. The way the list is made is with FLASK in the html (its a school project so i have to use FLASK). I have made the list clickable so its starts a function when clicked which changes a picture on the website and it works like a charm. My issue is, that i would like to make the list object a different color when its clicked to show that its the active object. Most of my css is taken from w3school stylesheet, but cant find anhything to do this. I have tried with the li:active in css but it only changes the color when press and changes back when mousebutton is released.

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    You need to add a specific class to active items and use that class as selector in the stylesheet to style the element differently.


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