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    Setting background image on website page

    Good morning

    I have in issue with my website.

    I am trying to set a background image that appears on 1 page only. I have tried most code entries but cannot achieve the desired effect.

    I am trying to get my image to appear in the background of one page but when I type the code it in appears in the background of every page on the website.

    Can anybody help me please as I have ran out of ideas.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Well, we all aren’t psychic, you’ll have to show us your code to be able to help you.

    As a stab in the dark I’d say assign a class or ID to the body element on the specific page where you want the different background to appear and then use that as selector in your styleshee to apply the background.

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    Hi Lugzyboy82,

    I will tell you the simplest way with the help you can set a background image on a single page.

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <body background="image.png" or “image.jpg”>

    <h1>These tag depend on you i am only show you </h1>
    <p>The background attribute is not supported HTML5. Use CSS instead.</p>

    I am happy if this method resolves your problem.


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