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Thread: Iframes problem

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    Iframes problem


    I have a few iframes which load the content from the same domain (by refreshing every minute). They normally work fine but when the tab with the page is hidden and after some time I click back to activate the tab with the page (which contains the iframes) I get the following error grey screen inside the iframes:

    A network change was detected.

    When I reload the page – the iframes resume the refreshing every minute.

    I am using this line to refresh the pages inside the iframes:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60">

    I also tried this and still the error shows:

    }, 5000);

    I wonder how to force the iframes to refresh all the time?

    I uploaded the screenshot

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    The refresh rate may be the problem. You do know that hitting a site minute puts a burden on the sites host? One iframe doing this to my site would have you banned and you say you have several. Why do you need to keep doing this?
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    I'm with @sunfighter on this. What is being described if done on any of the VPS I'm hosting for people would have me kicking such things off the hosting for pulling such a bloated, painful, wasteful stunt.

    Particularly since frames? Really? What is this, 1997?

    What is it you're ACTUALLY trying to do with this? Is it something that might be better served via push technologies like websockets? Could it be more efficiently handled in a single request via AJAX instead of multiple frames?

    I mean, frames for what you describe really went the way of the dodo twenty years ago.
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