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    Okay I've got the input side working.
    At least displaying properly.
    This is the code.
    Just one question.
    Since I've selected to have "Burial - Unknown the default; How do I stop further edits from changing back to the default?

    My problem now is on the file which creates the Individuals info page
    I simply added the other $text['options'], NetBeans is showing an error.
    Any help would be appreciated. = the code is below

    Edit Person Code
    PHP Code:
    echo showEventRow('birthdate','birthplace','BIRT',$personID);
    $checked $row['burialtype'] == " checked=\"checked\"" "";
    "<tr><td></td><td colspan=\"3\"><input type=\"radio\" name=\"burialtype\" id=\"burialtype\" value=\"1\"$checked/> 
                    <label for=\"burialtype\"> Cremated
                <input type=\"radio\" name=\"burialtype\" id=\"burialtype\" value=\"0\">
                    <label for=\"burialtype\"> Buried
                <input type=\"radio\" name=\"burialtype\" id=\"burialtype\" value=\"2\" checked>
                    <label for=\"burialtype\"> Buried Unknown
    {$admintext['buried - unknown']}
                <input type=\"radio\" name=\"burialtype\" id=\"burialtype\" value=\"3\">
                    <label for=\"burialtype\"> Buried - No Marker
    {$admintext['buried - no marker']}
                <input type=\"radio\" name=\"burialtype\" id=\"burialtype\" value=\"4\">
                    <label for=\"burialtype\"> Body Donated to Science
    {$admintext['body donated to science']}
    $rights['lds'] ) {

    Display Individual Info:
    PHP Code:
            setEvent( array( "text"=>$text['died'], "fact"=>$stdex['DEAT'], "date"=>$row['deathdate'], "place"=>$row['deathplace'], "event"=>"DEAT""entity"=>$personID"type"=>"I" ), $row['deathdatetr'] );
    $burialmsg $row['burialtype'] ? $text['cremated']: $text['buried']: $text['buried - unknown']: $text['buried - no marker']: $text['body donated to science'];
    setEvent( array( "text"=>$burialmsg"fact"=>$stdex['BURI'], "date"=>$row['burialdate'], "place"=>$row['burialplace'], "event"=>"BURI""entity"=>$personID"type"=>"I" ), $row['burialdatetr'] ); 

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    The code I gave you was a stand alone that I ran through https://validator.w3.org and received no errors. I looks like you took parts of that code and inserted them into a PHP file. But [and it's hard for me to see an image instead of code] you have the line that is underlined in red with the same ID as the next line. That's an error.
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    Security alert


    OP, the TNG script you are using is very dangerous and has no less than thirty-seven (37) XSS Vulnerabilities (Cross-site Scripting). You are putting the entire server at risk by using it. The XSS vulnerabilities have been known since at least 2009 and are well known in the exploit community. Best thing you can do is take the script down and have a professional check your server for any exploits that may have been installed on your server. You should assume you have already been compromised. It only took me about 5 seconds to find the server you run it on.

    Edit: I have now verified fifty-four (54) XSS vulnerabilities. Edit-edit: 68 XSS vulnerabilities. Edit:Edit:Edit: Uh make that 96 XSS vulnerabilities. This has gotta be one of the most vulnerable scripts I have ever come across. Giving up now...
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