Dear All,

I am working in Windows 7 Application Migration team. I need to migrate apps from IE 8 to IE 11.

Requirement is
1.During Mouse Hover IE 11 buttons should look like IE 8 buttons.

In IE 8 during mouse hover there was an orange border inside the buttons but in IE 11 the whole buttons changes to blue color . I need to make it exactly like IE 8 during mouse hovering

Below is the code i put in CSS.


    border-color: Orange;


width: 5.7em;  height: 1.75em;

This code changes the color to Orange during hovering but it looks different than in IE 8 .

**Diffculties facing after using this code
This code does not make buttons similar to IE8. It still differs a lot.

button Size changes during hovering. How to prevent button size from changing when hovering.

Disabled button also changes color on hovering even after putting enabled pseudoclass in code.

Please advise a way to make the buttons look like in IE8 during mouse hover.