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    Best practice for printing from HTML

    I need some advice on printing HTML
    Is there a 'rule guide' somewhere?
    The output I'll be creating will be for printing purposes only - the display on screen won't really matter - it's the print that matters most

    The biggest concern I have is fitting to an A4 page size.

    - How can I print as close to the header and footer of a page as possible?

    - I will have x records, each of which will have an output of a page that needs to print out onto a single page only. How do I delimit my content and separate into several pages?

    - Small writing: this is a big requirement. I want to have small writing in places like the footer
    Will I have any problems printing small fonts?

    - Perfect quality graphics: how do I get this? Use PNG's?

    Only looking for pointers
    Any advice would be great



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    There are just too many ways for printing HTML to get screwed up fot it to be considered reliable. If the printing is critical then you should be using a pdf, not HTML.
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    The best control you can get for printing when using HTML is to specify all the requirements in a media=print stylesheet.

    This will allow you to define which way around it is to print on the page as well as font sizes using pt (the standard way to define fixed size text for printing).
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