I need some, probably very easy, help please.

I am in the process of copying parts of http code from one product's page (bauhaus) to another's (carafe) in order for carafe's page take on some atributes of bauhaus' page, namely photos with thumbnails. The bauhaus page uses sprites for the thumbnails so to show the carafe thumbnails on the carafe page I made a new .png of sprites (carafe-sprites.png) uploaded it to the directory and added this code into the css style sheet (after the 'a.individual{...' which refers to the bauhaus sprites)

display: block;
height: 140px;
width: 140px;
background: url('/images/carafe-sprites.png');
float: left;
margin-bottom: 20px;
color: #fff;
font-size: 1.5em;
overflow: hidden;
text-align: center;
line-height: 140px;
text-transform: uppercase;

The only things I changed in the above css code were the lines

from a.individual{

and background: url('/images/carafe-sprites.png');
from background: url('/images/bauhaus-sprites.png');

I then changed the HTML in the products-carafe.php file from

<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-1/" class="individual nudge img-1"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-2/" class="individual img-2"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-3/" class="individual nudge img-3"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/" class="individual page">Info</a>


<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-1/" class="individualcarafe nudge img-1"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-2/" class="individualcarafe img-2"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-3/" class="individualcarafe nudge img-3"></a>
<a href="/products/carafe/" class="individual page">Info</a>

This disappeared the first three thumbnails all together, they were the only ones I tried to change just to start out, instead of turning them into the carafe-sprites.png background image.
The first section works, ie the links link to pictures of the carafe:

<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-1/"
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-2/"
<a href="/products/carafe/carafe-image-3/"

Can anyone help me figure this out please? I've tried a few different combos to no avail.

You can see the problem webpage here: http://juliajacobdesigns.co.uk/products/carafe/
And its original code was from here: http://juliajacobdesigns.co.uk/products/bauhaus/

Thanks in advance x