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    Link color not changing & background pic is blurry

    I'm trying to edit a friends website & having some issues, I think it may be because it's a template of a real estate company.

    Dione Saliba Sells Homes

    Here is the URL for now

    #1 See the background pic, it is blurry from the original pic:


    Is this because it's currently being hosted on a photobucket account? (we will get hosting set up for him shortly, just put it in my PB to get the website going for him)

    Do you guys see it being an issue with him using that image since it's public on the WIKI?

    #2 I can't seem to get the links to change to the right color I want them to.

    I tried adding this to the CSS style sheet that I have the ability to add to.

    a:hover {
    color: #09F;
    a:hover {
    color: #0F3647;

    But for some reason it's not taking affect?


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    The photo is blurry because you're scaling a 1024px image up to 1800 or so pixels. That's just what images do when you display them larger than they are. I don't know about the licensing, I'd read whatever the wikimedia licensing allows.

    Your link color is not taking effect because there is a style with more specificity in BaseCss.css (line 176). If you want your style to override it, you need the style to be at least as specific, and later (lower) in the code than that one.


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