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    needing help on Weather Website

    Hi I am working on a weather website and I want to fix up where the sky times are like the area sun and moon and add it in a table liking weather I'm using html and ccs also would like to how I can add the weather underground radar if someone can help me out would be great mike

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    I think you will get much better help with your queries on the one of the specific weather related sites. If you are using Cumulus as in the link you posted, there is a very active website development section on the Cumulus support forum. If you are not using Cumulus, try the support site of what ever software you are using or wxforum.net

    If that is your site in the link, is it not a little dark?

    Edit: i just took a look at the link you posted, if that is your site, you are obviously not processing the Cumulus templates correctly before upload and your data is seriously incorrect! Nor have you correctly set up Cumulus. Of course, if that's not yours, never mind.
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