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    Question CSS Frameworks For Mobile Devices

    I am updating my web application to make it works well in a mobile device. I already use JQuery UI for this web application. After using Bootstrap 3 for the layout, I feel that it is somewhat weak on components while it is strong on layout. I notice the JQuery Mobile is another option. Although I can use a combination of various frameworks to suit my needs, I need to keep the size of download file as slim as possible. What is a good UI framework for my purpose? Can anyone share his/her experience on this matter?
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    What is a good UI framework for my purpose?
    If you have a concern with the size of the download, then the last thing you want is a framework. No matter what you select and no matter how you use it you will end up with bloated and difficult to maintain code. Using jquery means you have already bloated it and open it up to conflicts and compatibility issues.

    If a lean, fast, app is your objective, then you need to do the coding directly so there is no worthless overhead eating up bandwidth and processor time.

    If the total amount of javascripting is less than 30k, then it is obvious that adding a jquery library adds bloat. If the framework has stylesheets in w/hich every rule is actually used, then that is bloat. If structural code is being modified after the load on the client, instead of on the server, then you are just going to end up with a mess that gets closer to being unmaintainable every time you touch it.
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    The best framework is which I am using, this is responsive and lightweight, you will get all the features of Bootstrap at 12KB(Zipped), and it is easy to understand. You will get page speed of 100 on mobiles too.

    Check this: One Learn - Any Easy ERP solution for schools

    Clicl below to check the speed


    A Super Light Weight Responsive and Open Source CSS Framework for faster web development



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