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    How to find the CSS for printing (NOT for screen!) for webpages?

    As you know there can be different CSS style sheets for screen and for printing.

    Lets take a well known sample: Wikipedia and the following web page:

    Forward contract - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have a Add-On tool like Firebug for Firefox where I can inspect the HTML/CSS code.

    However I cannot find the CSS which is responsible for printing.

    All the shown CSS definitions I have seen so far are for screen.
    How do I track down the CSS code hierarchy to find the print CSS stylesheet?

    Thank you

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    There is another useful Firefox extension that is called Web Developer Toolbar where you can view and/or disable styles by media type. Wikipedia is kind of a bad example because they basically have all styles in one minified stylesheet (which is loaded through a PHP script and located at http://bits.wikimedia.org/en.wikiped...&skin=vector&*) and are using media queries. There is a query string parameter “debug=false” in the above mentioned URL. If you change “false” to “true” you will get the uncompressed stylesheet which you can analyze a little better (but there are numerous online tools to uncompress CSS, too, so that shouldn’t be any issue).


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