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    Can't Change Font Size within CSS of Class Tag


    I'm trying to change the font size of my <p> to no avail. It seems like this should be easy, but o well.

    Anyways, the page in question is here:

    Pet Pharmacy | Town & Country Veterinary Clinic

    I'm trying to increase the size of <p> to 22px;...just for testing purposes right now

    Also, I can't determine where the CSS is coming from to make the font-size so small for <p>. Using Firebug (firefox) and/or Chrome's Developer Tool, I just can't find the rule that specifies the CSS's font size.

    My CSS (I've tried various configurations here):

    .entry .largetext p { font-size:22px;}
    .largetext p { font-size:22px!important;}
    .largetext p { font-size:22px;}
    My HTML:

    <p class="largetext">We provide an <a href="http://drgoodvet.vetsfirstchoice.com/" target="_blank">Online Pet Pharmacy</a> fulfilled by our veterinary clinic where you can purchase your pet's medications with confidence. All of our medications are guaranteed to be authentic, drug company products. There are no counterfeits here! Our Pet Pharmacy can be your one-stop shop for all of your pet's medication needs, including:</p>

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    In Firebug there is a “Computed” tab in the HTML panel where you can view the styles applied to a currently selected element. Even though the 24px style you set isn’t struck through (which would indicate that it’s overridden) it obviously is overridden by some inherited rule which has a higher specificity, and if you scroll down quite a bit, the next rule that isn’t struck through is .skinset-background.nv-skin in an internal stylesheet, on the page on line 97. That class is on your body element and obviously this rule overrides your specification because internal stylesheets always have a higher priority than external ones. If you can’t change that style there then you could try .skinset-background.nv-skin { font-size:22px !important;} in your stylesheet. However, it looks like this is part of some CSS settings in your Wordpress theme itself so look there first before you hack your styles in.

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    I changed the font size of that particular section in this file: http://www.drgoodvet.com/wp-content/...amiX/style.css on line 209
    I added a line beneath: p.largetext {font-size:22px;} and it had effect. Which css file did you edit?

    Are you using some kind of caching plugin? It might not display immediate changes.


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