Hey there, hope you guys can give me some advice (:

I work at a charity institution, and we have a TV at our lounge that displays photos and videos of our work. The problem is, sometimes the content we create is put on a constant loop and the repetition gets a bit boring.

I would like to:

  • A way to easily display different information on that TV, content, photos, etc
  • Play videos (on autoplay)
  • Display our twitter feed every now and then
  • Cycle trough the previous items automatically
  • A way to update that content without "much" effort (weekly)

I have a VERY basic understanding of html and css, but I can't trust myself completely on that.

While the computer that feeds that TV IS connected to the internet, I'd rather that the only content we pull from the internet itself to be the twitter feed... the rest would already be on the computer.

If you can at least point me in the right direction, I can study the best way to do this.

Thanks for your time,