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    Question Help Editing A Tumblr Theme

    i am using the Thematticus theme by Anthagio on Tumblr. It is an awesome theme and i love the last.fm supprt. I also like the "social networking" links on the top of my sidebar. The theme offers a fair variety of social networking options, except deviant art and this is where my problem arises. I cannot seem to get a flush deviant art icon/link.

    i tried contacting the creator but he never got back to me.

    As you can see by the images, the closest i can get is a new line and no actual link. The rollover works like the others, but it isn't a link.

    i need to a: get it inline with the others and b: be a link.

    i have tried "tricking" it and mixing my html with html already in the theme. I get it to link this way, but again, it creates a new line!

    This is the section of his original HTML that is for the section i want. i *think* this may be all you need to hep but if not, just let me know.

    		<div id="socialicons"><center>
    		{block:ifLastFmUsername}<a class="lastfmbutton" href="http://last.fm/user/{text:Last Fm Username}" target="_blank"></a>{/block:ifLastFmUsername} 
    		{block:ifAimScreenName}<a class="aimbutton" href="aim:GoIM?screenname={text:Aim Screen Name}"></a>{/block:ifAimScreenName} 
    		{block:Twitter}<a class="twitterbutton" href="http://twitter.com/{TwitterUsername}" target="_blank"></a>{/block:Twitter} 
    		{block:ifFacebookURL}<a class="facebookbutton" href="{text:Facebook URL}" target="_blank"></a>{/block:ifFacebookURL} 
    		{block:ifFlickrIDNumber}<a class="flickrbutton" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/{text:Flickr ID Number}" target="_blank"></a>
    		{block:ifYoutubeUsername}<a class="youtubebutton" href="http://youtube.com/{text:Youtube Username}" target="_blank"></a>{/block:ifYoutubeUsername} 
    		{block:ifEmailAddress}<a class="contactbutton" href="mailto:{text:Email Address}" target="_blank"></a>{/block:ifEmailAddress} 
    		{block:ifSkypeUsername}<a class="skypebutton" href="skype:{text:Skype Username}?call"></a>{/block:ifSkypeUsername}
    This is what i am adding to it:
    <a class="deviantart"><a href="http://billybag.deviantart.com/" target="_blank"></a>
    and my added css:
    a.deviantart {     display : block;
                         width : 30px;
                         height : 30px;
                         background-image:url( http://s23.postimg.org/rpg3t092f/deviantart.png ); }
    a.deviantart:hover { display : block;
                          width : 30px;
                          height : 30px;
                          background-image:url( http://s15.postimg.org/8bbotm4t3/deviantart2.png ); }
    i have also tried using DIV tags and the
    .deviantart a:hover
    technique instead.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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