hello experts,
i am new to this forum. I am hoping that this forum , could help me out.
i am creating a website on webstarts.com ( as trial right now) . i have an adventure activity page where i have made few icon ( png image via photoshop) each icon has a adventure logo on it ( eg. dirt bike ). I an effect to take place when one clicks on these icons:
*when clicking on the image icon , it should create a drop down box having photos in it and details of the adventure sport. with a close buttton on top right corner.
I am a complete beginner so please dont judge me as a fool, just trying to learn.
the webstarts website builder is easy to use so, i managed this far. the coding that i can paste there is HTML or Javascript.

this is my link to the web page where the effect should take place hope you can understand what i want.

hope some1 can help me out, your help would mean alot to me
Julian Rohde