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    Changing layouts

    Just trying to change the style/layout.

    This Gallery www.tn3gallery.com comes with a couple of layouts/styles.
    At http://www.tn3gallery.com/getting-st...orting-styles/
    it states:

    Copy the ‘tn3' folder that came with your download (you’ll find this inside the ‘skins’ directory of your distribution archive), into the the ‘skins’ folder that you previously created.

    Add the following link element to the head of your HTML document to import the styles for the gallery:
    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="skins/tn3/tn3.css"></link>
    which I've done - and that style/layout is displayed successfully.

    I want to display another style so I copied "the ‘tn3e' folder" that came with the download, "into the the ‘skins’ folder"

    and changed the link to:

    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="skins/tn3e/tn3e.css"></link>

    with no success.

    Am I forgetting something?

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    How can we guess? How can we possibly know if there even *IS* a file named "tn3e.css"??

    Look on your computer and see if the file is there.

    Or give us a link to your live site.

    But this is a purchased product and their site says it comes with support, so why not ask tn3gallery.com?
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