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    How to change a heading size relative to its default size?

    Firstly, please excuse my ignorance of CSS - I am mostly a back-end coder!

    To illustrate what I am asking, I have included the following markup:

        <title>Font Size Test</title>
          p { font-size:12px; }
          h1 { font-size:300%; }
          h1.bigger { font-size:120%; }
        <h1>Font Size Test</h1>
        <p>Font Size Test</p>
        <h1 class="bigger">Font Size Test</h1>
    Now, I was hoping that h1.bigger would appear 120% of the size of h1, but instead it appears 120% of the size of p. Of course, to make it appear 120% the size of h1, I would need to use font-size:360%;. Is there a way in CSS for me to specify a font size for h1.bigger relative to h1, rather that p?

    I know what I mean ... I hope I have explained myself clearly enough!

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    Actually the 120% are relative to the font size of a parent element with font size, in this case the (default) body font size.
    You can’t specify a size relative to a default font size of an element unless it’s a child thereof. So, h1.bigger would only be 120% of the usual h1 if it was itself a child of h1. But that’s not valid HTML. So, you’ll always have to specify those sizes as absolute ones (or, relative to the body or any parent element with font size, respectively), when compared to each other.

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    Simply use font-size in pixcel and not in percent which will be very easy to manage the size of the parent class font size.


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