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    Popup Script to work from BBCODE Forum Special Tags

    Hi all, straight up I will pay for this if need be, as this I cannot do on my own

    I need a script which will create popup windows with just the browser window, no borders, scrollbars, menu's, no address windows nothing just the very basic stripped popup only.

    Ok the issue is that the popup can only be called from a plain URL link from a BBCODE Forum (with special end tags). The popup HTML pages will reside on another web host and any code can go into those pages being called to be a popup.

    So the actual script for the entire popup has two choices of where the code ca be, firstly is in each popup page that I make, and the only other option is in a HTML module.

    Ok so the website itself is an enjin.com website. It has modules which make up the website but I do have a HTML module which allows us to add any code to that module, the module will span across all pages so the module will cover off the forum.

    I have a forum on this website and I am wanting to add URL links only in this forum which will then open the popup, the main page of course is still behind the popup when you click the link but the URL link needs to open the popup.

    So the options are that a part of your CODE to call the popup can reside in the HTML module in the HEAD section with Javascript, HTML or CSS etc.

    BUT the URL link will need to have special tags on those URL links only in the CODE of the forum thread so then that URL link knows to call the code to open the popup.

    The HTML popup page will have the CODE, the HTML module on the main site will have the code so the only thing to connect these together is a special tag that is recognised by the BBCODE forum to then call this URL to the POPUP.

    I Have an example of this now with Special code in the HTML module here in CSS:

    .m_forum.viewthread .post-content strike img { border: 5px solid #CC975E; }
    SO the Above code sits in that HTML module on the main enjin.com site, and it creates a border around any image that I add the special code to, here is the forum CODE to create the image with the border:


    The [s][/s] Tags call from the above code and then create the image with the border, so this can be done the same way for the popup to be called the same way with the use of BBCODE friendly tags

    Here's the link to the IMAGE as above


    SEE THE ATTACHED IMAGE for a picture of the Forum Page and the code in the forum.

    guys can someone help me on this as I have no other options at this point

    many many thanks in advance
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