Hi everyone I am trying to code a web based form that can handle prerequisite functions and total points spent. It is for a Live Action Role Playing Game. Basically trying to make life easier for the character book guy and make it so new players can create their characters online without taking up 4 hours of his time. I have limited coding experience as I was coding websites when the internet first came out to the public forever ago now. I really could use some help. Basically the skills that would be chosen a lot of them have prerequisites and point costs. the points available are based on the race chosen ie. human 140 points, dwarf elf and half elf have 100. skill costs are effected by class and race. some skills have a changed cost because of race. and each skill has a difrent cost based on class ie. rogue, warrior, cleric, mage. I am over my head on this one. I thought at first it would be easiest to create a form for each race/class combination and I think this might still be true. I cant seem to even find information on creating a form that uses a prerequisite in order to choose one of the abilities or track points spent to a maximum.. I have a little knowledge of using oracle for coding a database and am not opposed to using a database in this project as that would be a good way to keep all the information present and be able to pull from the database. but this also imposes the problem I still have no idea how to make the form or make the form pull from the database in a way I would want it to. please help if you can and I will be forever greatful. I am at my end with this project already.