How can I make a page layout that looks like this:

My focus is on the top section of the page where the words "About the gallery" and "francais" are written, how can the line be made there?

The css of this section of the page is:

<table width="700" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">


<td width="400" height="17" align="center"><img src="../logos/galogo.gif" > </td>

<td align="center" nowrap width="150" class="leftcase">

<p class="page Style1">About the gallery</p>


<td align="center" width="150" class="rightcase"><a href="about.php?language=2" target="_self" class="page"> <font color="#FFFFFF">




<td width="400" height="1"></td>

<td align="center" nowrap colspan="2" class="leftcase" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" height="1"></td>


Can someone please highlight which part of the css can enable one to make a line like that?

Many thanks!