This is probably a really easy thing for many of you, but I have yet to find a Specific Example of how to properly implement CSS Code since there are so many Variables, I can never tell if it's just and "example", or if it's the actual Code I'm supposed to use whenever someone gives me an example.

I have a Theme Installed into my Site (Self hosted), so for a while, I had no clue how to even edit my main CSS since the only options given was the "Theme Editor" and the "Plugin Editor".

Until I installed something called "Jetpack" which allows me to edit my main CSS Code without effecting my Theme.

My goal is: to "Add Capabilities" to one Specific User - I'm having someone do some "On-Site" SEO and I don't want them to have access to anything but the ability to edit some MetaData, etc.

The "ad_cap" function is referenced HERE

Notice at the Link above, how it says: "There is no public function called add_cap() - just the class methods inside WP_Roles, WP_Role, WP_User that can add capabilities."

So I found the "WP_User" Section here in the "wp-includes/capabilities.php" on Line 394 which looks like this:

<---------on Line 411, it says this. I assume this is where I put the User's ID number??

So I found the User's (subscriber on our site who will be doing the on-site SEO) Number which was 25, and replaced the 0 with the 25.

So then, I figured, since I didn't really need any other Functions, I skipped down to Line 871 (deleted all Code in between too) to the "ad_cap" Function per User (Not to be confused to the "ad_cap" Function to Roles) - This is JUST for a User NOT a Role.

So here were he Instructions & along with the function on Line 871:

So the Name of the Capability I wanted to add was called: "manage_options" (see complete List of Capabilities HERE)

So my Confusion is here was, I couldn't tell what it meant when it said: "@param string $cap Capability Name"(see red arrows in above pic)

Was I supposed to REPLACE every instance that said "$cap" with the actual Cap Name: "manage_options"??? Or just place the Cap Name BESIDE it?

Or when it says "$this->ID", do I replace the word "ID" with the User's ID# "25"??

Anyways, this is what my final piece looked like with the parts I Added/Edited Underlined in Bold in THIS COLOR:

function add_cap( $cap manage_options, $grant = true ) {

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - -

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG??? I'm actually looking to hire a programmer for Freelance work with our Company (we are the fastest growing Micro Job Marketplace in the World - with over 35,000 Members just a SEOClerks alone)

So anyone who helps me to do this, I will gladly consider you for more work right away.