We are using a product called Miva Merchant for our online store.

In our online store www.touchwindow.com, I ran some SEO analysis from Go Daddy and was working on trying to clean up what I could. It complained that I was not using Rich Snippets so I read up on that and added some rich snippet stuff to our store and the Google Rich Snippet tester seems to like it, but when I view the source in Firefox, my closing head and begin body tags are now red on some pages.

I learned that I can hover over the red items to get a hint and it says stray end tag "head" and a body tag is seen but an element of the same type is already open and I don't know what to do to fix it (I am sort of new at this stuff too).

Here is a link that will demonstrate the problem if you view the source in Firefox:


It may not be a "big deal" but I would rather not see any red since I will always think there is something wrong.

If I back out the rich snippet code, there is no red (and there is no red on other pages with rich snippets).

Any hints, observations, ideas, commentary are welcome to help me understand this better.