Hey everyone,

This is my first post here so I will try to be as direct and simple as possible.

I bought a few domains that I want to set up a 1 page chat box on. Basically I have the scripts for a basically html chat box that would work just fine for the site.

What I am reaching out to everyone here for, is styling the chatbox. I am currently working on this wordpress theme and I really like the contact form styling that the site has on it.

Check it out here, http://www.TheYoungBoyz.com (at the bottom)
The contact form is very clean and simple. I was wondering how I could implement the chat box into that form style.

I would just want the main scrolling text that users send to scroll a large white box, then to type your message it would be another text box with the same styling with the send button underneath.

Sorry if I didnt explain it clearly but it is a very simple thing but I'm just lost when it comes to applying the stylesheet from a wordpress theme to fit the HTML chatbox preferences