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    footer does not load instantaneously


    The implementation of 123flash chat on the domain, awesomemetalbands.com, has caused a small glitch, it does not prevent the functionality of the site, but I strive for perfection.

    Basically the footer does not load instantaneously on the chat HTML page. Zooming out of the metal chat page you can see that the footer does not load a normal footer, seems to load like something is expanding.

    I added a height for the container, this should be in the CSS but i added it to the HTML page.


    <div class='container'>
    <div style='display: block; height: 580px'>
    <script language="javascript" src="http://host13501.123flashchat.com/awesomemetalbands/123flashchat.js"></script>
    <script language="javascript">
    openSWF("http://host13501.123flashchat.com/awesomemetalbands/123flashchat.swf?init_host=host13501.123flashchat.com&init_port=21127&init_host_s=host13502.123flash chat.com&init_port_s=443&init_host_h=host13503.123flashchat.com&init_port_h=443&init_group=awesomeme talbands", "908", "580" );
    <!-- FOR 123FLASHCHAT CODE END -->

    <div id='to-be-sized' ></div>

    Obviously both reside in different sections content and footer, I am assuming this has something to do with the flash loading.

    Would there be a way to load the flash chat section last?

    any help would be appreciated, look forward to your analyzes.

    Thank you

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