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    jumbled view source code

    This page is causing me quite a problem

    First we have a blue border around the banner in IE - and I have border:none; in the css code (by the way the css3 does validate)

    Second, Neither of my google ads are showing up neither the id="adcopy" nor the ad in the bottom in the footer.

    THIRD and most bothersome is the fact that the code is jumbled when you view page.

    The html 5 does validate except for a few & in the page.
    SO what gives here?

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    I cannot view your page currently, but to remove the blue IE border you apply the css to the image, rather than the link:

    a img { border: none; }

    If your page is generated by PHP then, when you echo HTML, you can add line-breaks (\n) to tidy the source:

    PHP Code:
    echo "<p>Hi there</p>\n"
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