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    Content substitution, add something to page, have the last in line bumped to next pg?


    I am working on a site to display pictures. I have it set up in html/css to display 10 per page, and right now i have placeholder images. I want to be able to add a new image to the top of the homepage, bumping the rest down one, and making "image 10" on the homepage "image 1" on page 2. I have created a styled template for a "page 2," but I was wondering how I might edit or add something to my site so that I don't have to continually cut/paste the image source paths "down one" from the div above to make room for a new pic at the top, and how to make image 10 on my homepage be fed to page 2.

    Not looking for tons of detail, even a conceptual answer would be appreciated, something to point me in the right direction.

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    You're kinda wanting a feed of content (in this case, images) similar to a blog. Blogs pull content from a database and display things based on how you have it set up.

    If these are just static web pages, there's not really an efficient way to automatically "move" img tags to another document (page 2). It'd have to be done with a server-side language like PHP.


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