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Thread: Animated tabs?

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    Animated tabs?

    I'm not sure if this is done with css but basically I have the main page, and on the top right hand corner I want it so there are 'tabs' sticking out as if from underneath the main page, with navigation (home, forum etc) and when you hover the mouse over the tab, it slides up a bit.

    is there any way to do this with html/css? and if so how? or do you know any good tutorials/websites that can show this?


    p.s I should point out that the function of these tabs is NOT to switch the page to another tab, just to act as a link with a cool slide up animation sort of thing. not as actual tabs to switch to other tabs. just to click and take you to another page with that animation as you mouseover.
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    if i understand you correctly, yes quite possible with css. google "css sliding menu" for some tutorials as I'm not sure what kind you'd like.


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