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    How to make a submit button refresh the page.

    I have a form here: http://practicalcme.com/newPCME/register.html
    At the bottom there is an "add to cart" button.
    I want the button to submit the info and then refresh the same page, so that the info shows up in the mini-cart on the right.
    Can anyone help?

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    You should use a scripting Language like PHP, Python or even for that. HTML can't do stuff like proces the form, store cookies or pass variables from one page to another which is needed fo this kind of stuff.

    I'd advise you(that is if you use PHP), you should use PHP session variables which are secure as compared to cookies stored on the client which can be easily manipulated.

    For this kind of job, without the code for the page, we can't direct you along the lines you should be following.

    Or if you want it done by someone else, you can post in the forum to ask someone to do it for you.
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