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    How to add a text in HTML written in other file.

    Well guys. I've made a static HTML website with a lot of pages and I'm bored with adding the footer in everypage. So I decided that it will be easier and useful for me to learn how to (I've added:
    Designed by <a href="url"><img src="url"></img></a>
    in .html file 1 named footer.html)
    So I would like to add a code (I don't know if it is possible), so I would like html page 1 to check the text written in html file 2 and show it in html page 1.
    I hope you understood me.
    I think that it is possible with PHP too, but I'm total PHP newbie and don't know how to add this code (html file 1) in a php page.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    You need a server side script and a server that supports it. The most popular and wide spread is PHP but for this task an alternative is Server Side Includes (SSI), too. Both scripts (Server Side Includes; PHP include()) are equally simple to apply and both require your main documents’ file extension to be changed to .sht, .shtm, or .shtml (for SSI), or .php (for PHP), respectively, in order for the server to know how to treat the include statements.


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