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    Question Can't get rid of extra space below footer

    Nearly done styling the footer on this development site built in WodPress, but I'm having trouble getting the dark color of the footer background to stop at the bottom instead of stretching below my footer2 styling:

    Here is the page.

    I *think* I've taken care of any padding-bottom or margin-bottom instances, but I suppose I could have missed some. I'm not sure I can do much about the placement of the divs since the footer text (in the lighter area anyhow) is part of a specific section of the template, and the areas in the darker part are widgets. I guess I could physically modify the template itself, but I try and avoid that whenever possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi, looks like the footer has a 20px bottom padding
    #footer {	padding: 25px 0 20px;
    although that is a strange way to declare it using only three values. Your problem is compounded due to the fact that there is not enough space for the text
    2012 Race Marque Systems/Dream Machine Engineering
    and the last word is outside the designated space. Hope this points you in the right direction. Jim


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