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    Exclamation Login Widget Messed Up

    I'm using the login plugin/widget - WB-FB-Autoconnect Premium. I have a template that I bought and the login widget looks a bit messed up with it as you can see:

    I'd like to make it a little cleaner looking. For example maybe having it in order of, first Username box - then password box - then remember me checkbox - then the Login button - then Forgot? and Register after those on the same line - then login with facebook button.

    Anyone know how I would go about this? I'm new to wordpress but I was thinking I could change some css to fix it but wouldn't know how to code that. On the plugin's website they said here's an example of their css but it didn't fix my problem:

    #wp-submit{ height:23px; width:46px; padding:0; margin:0 0 0 7px; } #user_pass{ height:18px; width:86px; padding: 3px; } #user_login{ height:18px; width:86px; padding: 3px; } #loginform label{ display:inline-block; width:2.75em; } #rememberme{ border:0; padding:0; margin: 0 2px; background:none; } #forgotText{ display:inline-block; margin-left:9px; height:26px; font-size:80%;} .fbLoginButton{ display:block; height:18px; margin-top:7px; text-align:center; } .wpfb-widget-avatar {float: left;} .wpfb-widget-avatar img.avatar {float:none; margin:0; }

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    What your trying to do is change the order of things in the login box. You do not need css for this. You need to change the order of things in the HTML.
    But since you paid $30 for this, you should try reinstalling first and then contact the site you bought it from. They should fix it.
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