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    Question Joomla Template Slideshow

    Hello :-)

    I appreciate this question should be asked to the template creators but I received no reply from them over the last month.


    I installed the template currently installed on my website (link below) and it had a slideshow. As soon as I installed a duplicate version of the template (allowing me to have a different logo at the top of each of the sections), the slideshow stopped working in the first install and never worked in the second. What is wrong and what do I need to do?

    ----Background and other relevant information----

    1. On the first instance (install) of the template, a picture now replaces the slideshow (one of the pictures from the slideshow), in the second instance the slideshow or image doesn't appear at all.

    2. I have checked the background settings and ensured these are correct. I have also checked whether the slideshow is listed within the Joomla plugins list or modules list - it isn't.

    3. I know the the slideshow is called Nivoo Slider and it requires Javascript and CSS to function.

    4. The template is actually a Themegoat template. I appreciate that there is some controversy around their templates at the moment but I really like the template and i feel that it works for what we need. I'm also not a coder so I do not have the option of building a template that is pretty much the same whilst not being made by Themegoat.

    5. The code in each of the template directories (one per instance) refers to a slideshow image folder via a relative link in the template directory files. These folders exist independently where required and contain the required images in the correct format.

    6. I have looked through the files for any obvious explanation but I'm not a coder so I really don't know what the problem is.

    I'm really hoping somebody can help.

    Thanks ever so much and kind regards,


    1. The first install of the template is located at: http://www.garethgroup.com
    2. The second install of the template is located at: http://law.garethgroup.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgareth View Post
    2. The second install of the template is located at: http//law.garethgroup.com
    Just to let you know that you missed the colon in the second link.

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