I've been trying to incorporate phpBB within Joomla using JFusion's 'frameless visual integration mode for phpBB', but there are some resulting style conflicts between Joomla's and phpBB's templates.

The majority of conflicts have been resolved, but I need some advice on some positional/alignment issues.

Example standalone phpBB
Example Integrated phpBB

The following declarations provide an acceptable fix, but there is a slight discrepancy in the vertical alignment between the password field, the 'I forgot my password' link and the auto login checkbox and label.

#jfusion form fieldset dd, #jfusion form fieldset dd label {
	float: none !important;
#jfusion a[href*="ucp.php?mode=sendpassword"] {
	float: left !important;
Is there a better/preferred method to achieve this?

Thanks for any advice.

(Using Firefox/Firebug)