First of all please forgive me if I am ignorant, I only have basic code knowledge!

I have been trying to add a lightbox player for videos on my website but have had problems using the widely available ones as a I am using some other javascript on the same page (JPlayer).

I managed to get around it using this and have implemented it into my test page here. The thumbnail for "Soll Football" is the one with the lightbox.

It all seems to be working great and the JPlayer/lightbox window don't seem to be conflicting in any way... only problem is that if you click the "close window" link while the video is open it closes the display but the video keeps playing.

Can anyone please tell me what to do in order to make the YouTube video stop when you close the lightbox window? There must be a line of code I could use to do this surely? Again, as I have very basic coding knowledge if you could literally talk me through it (copy this, paste here etc) that would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.