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    Recognizing a small segment of code?

    I am a complete novice at coding, as such i thought i would put this to some experts. Here is the situation, My friend tried to log onto the runescape forums off of a link he was given. the link turned out to be a a scam, it looks exactly like the forum page in every way except for the URl which ends in .html after he logged an error message popped up and asked him to log in again and then sent him to the actual runescape home page. near as we can figure it they hookep up an email address to the login button and it sent automatically. can someone explain how this works?

    this is the link: IT IS FAKE

    for those laughing about the game, thats fine. but its mainly the coding i care about

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    The form is a totally functioning form. It has "post" as its method so it'll work completely fine as long as it has everything the server-side programming language process checks for. However, I'm confused as to if this was the question you're asking?

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    When all else fails search the portions of the .com in this case :secureforums.us
    google search page
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