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    Border Radius Curing Out?

    If you view the following page:


    If you look at the links underneath of the "Cover Photo" (the Area 51 Entertainment picture), you'll see I have two divs sitting next to each other. One light green and one darker green. I have a border-radius on both of them, to curve one of the corners in. I need to do the inverse on the opposing divs so the opposite div fills in the white space.

    So the dark green extends to where the white space is now on the top, and light green expands to fill in the space where the white space is on the bottom.

    Any ideas? I tried dropping two divs underneath and positioning them one on top of the other, but it was nearly impossible. I could get one to work but the other didn't.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I wrapped each div another div, and made it the opposing color.
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