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    Footer problems (live link provided)

    Hi everyone,

    I would very much appreciate some help for a project for school. This site is HTML/CSS with PHP for content switchers and page element includes. I have been using Firebug in Firefox and could not solve this problem yet and it is preventing me from moving on to the rest of the work.

    I want the body_content div to stretch to fit the content. Click on the "about" tab and see that the about div clearly does not fit and the footer overlaps. I tried making the body_content div larger but the content still goes under the footer div. I tried making the sidebar bigger and that seems to solve the problem…until there is more content in the about div. The body_content div needs to stretch to fit the content and the footer needs to stay underneath.

    I looked up sticky footer tutorials but something is not clicking. (Probably should have have started with the set up correct from the beginning.) It is not essential that the footer sticks to the bottom, it just cannot overlap the content.

    Should you figure it out, please post some explanation why your solution works so hopefully I (and others) can learn for next time.



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    You have many things here that you do not need and don't use. Eliminate them. IE: jQuery library, fancyBox stuff.

    You have a simple 2 column layout with header and footer. You are running into problems because your footer in inside your "container" and "wrapper" divs.

    Look at this example: http://webdesign.about.com/od/freewe...olheadfoot.htm


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