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    Question Tumblr posts with FLOAT function help!

    I don't really understand HTML/CSS code,
    My question is simple, this is my theme code :

    #entry {{block:ifshowshadows}-moz-box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #eee; -webkit-box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #eee; box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #eee{/block:ifshowshadows} text-align:; background-color:{color: post background}; margin-left:5px; margin-bottom:15px; overflow:hidden; float:left; width:300px;
    {block:PermalinkPage}width:640px;{/block:PermalinkPage} height:100%; {block:PermalinkPage}height:100%;{/block:PermalinkPage} padding-left:4px; padding-right:4px; padding-top:4px; padding-bottom:4px;}
    #entry img {width:300px; {block:PermalinkPage}width:610px;{/block:PermalinkPage} overflow:hidden;}
    a img {border:none;}
    #entry:hover .permalink {opacity: 1;}
    And this is what I want :

    The height is not fixed but the width is fixed.
    Theres gaps between posts, how to remove the space?
    What do I have to do?
    I don't really care about posts order... But i dont want to have the height fixed...

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    {block:Title}<div class="title">{Title}</div>{/block:Title}
    <div style="margin-top:-5px;">{Body}</div>

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    {block:IndexPage}<a href="{Permalink}">{/block:IndexPage}
    <img src="{block:IndexPage}{PhotoURL-HighRes}{/block:IndexPage}{block:PermalinkPage}{PhotoURL-HighRes}{/block:PermalinkPage}" alt="{PhotoAlt}" width="420"/><div style="margin-top:-4px; margin-bottom:-4px;"></div>

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    <div style="width:420px !important;">{Photoset-500}</div>

    <div id="entry">
    <div class="quote"><span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span> "<i>{Quote}</i>"
    {block:Source}— <b>{Source}</b>{/block:Source}

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    <div class="h2"><a href="{URL}">{Name}</a></div>{blockescription}{Description}{/blockescription}

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    {block:Lines}{block:Label}<b>{Label}</b> {Line}<br>{/block:Label}{/block:Lines}

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    <div class="audio">
    <div style="padding:2px; font-size:10px; text-align:left;font-style:italic;">{block:TrackName}{TrackName} by {/block:TrackName}{block:Artist}{Artist}{/block:Artist}</div>
    {block:PermalinkPage}{block:ExternalAudio} <a href="{ExternalAudioURL}"> / download </a> </span>{/block:ExternalAudio}{/block:PermalinkPage}

    <div id="entry">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>
    <div class="answer"><u>{Asker}</u>: {Question}</div><br>
    <div style="margin-bottom:5px;">{Answer}</div> </div>

    <div id="entry">
    <div class="video">
    <span class="permalink"><a href="{Permalink}"><i>Permalink</i> | {NoteCountWithLabel}</a></span>

    <center>{block:PermalinkPage}{block:Caption}<div style="margin-top:-5px;">{Caption}</div>{/block:Caption}{block:NoteCount}{NoteCountWithLabel}{/block:NoteCount}{block:HasTags} &middot; {block:Tags}<a href="TagURL">{Tag}</a>, {/block:Tags}{/block:hasTags}{/block:PermalinkPage}</center>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function() {
    var links = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
    var query = '?';
    for(var i = 0; i < links.length; i++) {
    if(links[i].href.indexOf('#disqus_thread') >= 0) {
    query += 'url' + i + '=' + encodeURIComponent(links[i].href) + '&';
    document.write('<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="http://disqus.com/forums/{textisqus Shortname}/get_num_replies.js' + query + '"></' + 'script>');



    I heard about jquery masonry/vanilla masonry but I don't know how to use that and apply with my theme
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    Hello leleoni,
    Floats are kind of hard to get to stack like that. It might be easier if you use a two column layout... something like this -
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd">
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    html, body {
    	margin: 0;
    	background: #fc6;
    #container {
    	width: 850px;
    	margin: 30px auto;
    	background: #999;
    	overflow: auto;
    #left {
    	width: 425px;
    	float: left;
    #right {margin: 0 0 0 425px;}
    	#one, #two, #three, #four,
    	#five, #six, #seven {
    		width: 300px;
    		margin: 10px auto;
    		border: 5px solid #06f;
    		text-align: center;
    		#one {height: 75px;}
    		#two, #three, #five, six {height: 125px;}
    		#four {height: 250px;}
    		#seven {height: 225px;}
        <div id="container">
        	<div id="left">
                <div id="one">1</div>
                <div id="three">3</div>
                <div id="five">5</div>
                <div id="seven">7</div>
            <!--end left--></div>
            <div id="right">
                <div id="two">2</div>
                <div id="four">4</div>
                <div id="six">6</div>
            <!--end right--></div>
        <!--end container--></div>
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