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    Webpage's html Title/head changes on upload to server

    Hi everyone this is my second post on codingforums.com and I'm hoping to get a little more help in figuring out this bizarre situation. I'll try to keep this short

    I have a client who asked me to add a webpage to their existing website. I went ahead and built the page using html and css. When I uploaded the webpage to the server I noticed that the text within my <title></title> didn't appear! They actually appeared as something else!

    When viewing the website normally and reading the tab for the webpage from my browser I noticed that it only showed the name of the website on the browser tab. For example: SHAREDWORLD.COM in all caps . . . as stated above this does not match what I wrote in between the <title></title>. I wanted it to say something like this for example: sharedworld.com | come and share with the world!

    When I noticed this I viewed the page source or source code via my firefox browser and discovered that all of my html did not appear there, although viewing the page normally it looked fine. Here's an example of what shows up in the view source for firefox:

    "<html><head><title>SHAREDWORLD.COM</title><meta name="keywords" content=""</head><frameset rows="100%", *" border="0" frameborder="0"><frame src="http://www.sharedworld.org" name="SHAREDWORLD.COM"></frameset></html>"

    Now . . . lol . . . when I look at the source code in internet explorer I get all of my html, however, the <title> tags still don't reflect what I would like it shows SHAREDWORLD.COM. I've also notice that the same thing shows up for every webpage on my clients website (all of the <title></title> tags say SHAREDWORLD.COM).

    Could someone please tell me how I can correct this issue and what would cause something like this to happen . . . I've never seen this before

    Please help Thanks!

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    Did you write the frameset code, too? Because that’s probably “hiding” your actual HTML. Do they have a frameset redirect set up?

    And by the way: If I call that URL in my browser I just get a blank page.

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    What hosting are you using? Are you paying for it or is itr "Free" hosting?

    With "free" hosting the provider may be wrapping all your content inside an obsolete frameset in order to ensure that their ads always get displayed so that they get paid for hosting your site. That would give you a lot less control of how your pages appear.
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