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    Unhappy Dropdown content alignment

    i have a requirement where in ... in a drop down i need to show 2 values for a single row...one to left most and one to right most... how to do that ?...
    For example, i want to show student name and reg no both in the drop down and i want student name to the left most of the drop down and reg no to the right most of the drop down...

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    We're going to make a string to use in the <option> tags that fits your requirements. The first thing we want to do is figure out the length we will allow for the name. I arbitrarily chose 7 char for the first name and the same for the second name separated by a space. This give us 15 chars for the name [You will have to figure out how your going to enforce this or what ever length you decide on]. A length must be picked in order to make the options look nice.

    I next arbitrarily picked 12 as the length of the registration number. And chose 5 spaces or in this case dots to be the minimum distance between the two. Here is code with explanation for you.

    // First we make a string of dots
    // the total length of our finished string.
    // 15 (name len) + 5 (min dist.) +12 ( student number.)
    $line = str_pad('',32,".");
    // Next three strings from a database query
    $number = '123456789012';
    $first = 'vaibhav';
    $last = 'kushadi';
    // put the name together in $left
    $name = array($first, $last);
    $left = implode(' ', $name);
    // replace some of the dots in $line
    // to give us the student name to the left
    // and the ID number to the right
    // with some thing seoerating them
    $line = substr_replace($line, $left, 0, strlen($left));
    $line = substr_replace($line, $number, 20);
    // this is optional, replaces dots
    //with spaces which are bigger
    $linea = str_ireplace('.','&nbsp; ',$line)
    <!--Make the dropdown box-->
    Student Names and ID Numbers<br />
    <option><?php echo $line; ?></option><!--   this has dots-->
    <option><?php echo $linea; ?></option><!--  this has spaces-->


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