So, I'm not a complete newbie to HTML and CSS. In fact, I took the liberty of coding and styling a Test page just for this thread question. However, I AM a newbie to Twitter feed integration. And that is where I need the help.

When you look at this page linked below, you will see a twitter feed that is coded and styled EXACTLY how I want it to look. But I cannot figure out how to make it work. I'm a hands-on kind of guy who likes to be shown how things work and explained in detail. That way I learn well and never ask the same question twice.

Basically, I just need a twitter feed to show three tweets from my company, while having it styled exactly like this: All code is currently self-contained in that page, whereas it will NOT be in the live site.

The actual feed I will be using is a new account with no tweets. Maybe we can test with a random feed, and then substitute my real one in once I start tweeting?

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.