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Thread: Images display

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    Images display

    <a href=".../images/image.jpg"</a>
    displays the image in a browser window by itself, positioned top left, with a white background. I have several hundred images that I would like viewers to be able to see, as large as their screens permit, and without any other stuff on the screen when the individual image is displayed.

    I'm wondering if it possible to set up the "images" folder so that the images are displayed centered with a black background?

    Obviously I could make an individual page for each image, but that would take forever.

    Any suggestions gratefully received and thanks very much.


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    What you intend to do is relatively simple but only with the help of either a server side script (e. g. PHP or ASP.NET) or JavaScript. Former one requires a server that supports the language of your choice but if it does, is working, independent of the browser used. Latter one might give the visitor a smoother user experience but can be disabled, rendering the effort useless (but if done right, fall back to the single image at top left version).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoMcD1949 View Post
    Any suggestions gratefully received and thanks very much.
    I would use a server side language (PHP in my case) to create the html to display the thumbnails to fill up the visitors' screen regardless of irs size.

    Then depending on the type of animation or enlargement you might want to show users when they hover or click on an image you could do it with just css or you might need some javascript.

    In any case, assuming you want the page to be functional on portable devices, I would make the images clickable as well because not all portable devices support hovering.

    The worst case scenario for any visitor is that they would see all the thumbnails on their screen but would have no functionality.
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