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    Classes instead of div?


    I ran a page of my site through the w3 Validator, and it mentioned this error:
    "Line 30, Column 10: ID "portfolioitem" already defined"

    I read online that other people with this problem ended up making "classes" instead. Right now I'm using a div called #portfolioitem to float 3 elements in a container. What exactly should I be doing instead? What do I make classes of instead of using #portfolioitem multiple times in my page?

    Thank you in advance.

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    id's must be unique throughout the document. so no two element can have identical id's
    They are used as references to a specific element.

    classes is used if you have 2 or more element that have commons in styling, action on click etc..

    an element can be assigned as many classes as you need, but can only be assigned 1 id.

    In your case you have 6 element with a common(s), so here classes is ideal.
    then you only have to create the css class-rule once, and use it for all element that have that class


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