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Thread: Submissions?

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    Post Submissions?

    How do you code something to save the text a viewer inputs to somewhere else on the page where it's visible?

    I want to either have:
    -A webpage with an open text field that anyone can edit, similar to an open Google Doc, which will be saved at short regular intervals.


    -A page where the last thing submitted into the box will be the first thing seen by a new viewer.

    I would prefer the latter, but both would be neat.

    The entire coding for said page right now is <center><input type="text" size="25" maxlength="50" /></center>

    Essentially, which would be easier, and what would I need to learn how to do to complete the project / would someone be willing to help me through the steps. I'm relatively new to HTML but I'm reading up on it in all my free time.

    Regards, Cameron
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    This is a fairly big step you’re looking to take as it isn’t done with HTML alone. You need a server side script (e. g. PHP or JSP or ASP.NET), possibly a database to store the input (depending on what else you have in mind), and for automatic saving some (asynchronous) JavaScript. The folks at Google worked years on their Docs functionality and they are professional programmers.

    It would probably be best to hire someone if you wanna get this done before you die.


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