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View Poll Results: Ruin SEO and safe coding... am I being unreasonable to be angry?

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    Cool Image Background Problem... debate whether to loose SEO

    Hi all,

    This is to proved my coder an point. I believe if it can't be done, we got
    to find a solution. And if a lot of people tell me it can't be done, then if a lot of people tell me it can't be done, I'll humbly bow down and treat the coder with more respect than he deserves.

    So love to hear your viewpoint on this.

    She started coding this

    now the problem is on the other pages it's way too long. She mentioned BG, for other page is too long and in order to do that we cannot code it standard way and may disturb the SEO.
    So here's what I know BG is at a certain size. but below the mockup is too big.


    Let me know your thoughts

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    OK, first of all, I have no idea what you mean. What is your goal? Are you talking about the file size of the wood background image? It is indeed too big (about 3 MB, that’s not acceptable for a web graphic). You need to find a way to make it repeatable. I suggest to leave out the lighting effect further down; this is not that important. You can do that lighting once at the top but below the fold nobody really cares. What’s important is the content. Also, it helps to step down the JPEG quality.

    Incidentally, I’m just working on a website where I had a similar problem. You can see it on http://dev.black-coffee.info. I have one bigger image with the lighting effect and the rest, the dark background is just a small repeating image. And even though the big image is “just” 143 KB (compared to your 3 MB), it’s still actually really large in terms of file size for a web image. But I had to make an exception in this case and I guess this is a relatively good compromise.

    Think about mobile devices with low bandwidth etc. Your image will take a long time to load and is a huge strain on your server load/traffic.


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