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    HTML/CSS Contact Form not sending emails

    Hey all.
    i have spent several days wanting to smash things from trying to figure out why the contact form is not working. i think its because there is nothing specifying where the message should be sent to, however i do not know how to accomplish this as i have never made a contact form prior to this.

    can someone tell me how to specify the destination?

    if you need to view the code it can be found at http://liveoutloudproductions.com/formpage.html
    or http://liveoutloudproductions.com/contact.css

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    Forms with mailto as action… I can’t believe people still do that.

    Yeah, as you see, this is a highly unreliable method, it was common in the early ’90s. Nowadays, processing form data and sending it via e-mail is done with server side scripts. If you don’t care or aren’t able to write one yourself there are numerous pre-made form mail scripts out there, most prominently the one from Tectite. Note that your server/hosting plan must support PHP for that.
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