hopefully i can find help here
I want to save my canvas-content to a single image-file. There are an approach using todataurl(), which works fine. But not if i draw an image-file (e.g. car.jpg or house.png) to the canvas additionally. It does not return the whole image? Here I have my simple example-code:

window.onload = function()

var canvas = document.getElementById("theCanvas");
var context = canvas.getContext("2d");
context.fillStyle = "navy";

var imagefile = new Image();
imagefile.onload = function ()
context.drawImage(imagefile, 22, 0,60,60);
imagefile.src = "http://www.sign-arts.de/joomla/images/stories/print_proj/mediclin/icon1.gif";


<body id="bodi">
<canvas id="theCanvas" width="500" height="200" >

Only the HTML5-methods like fillRect() are rendered to the new window, why this is so? What im doing wrong?
Thanx in advance for help